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Toolboxes & Carts

Prior to our arrival, please secure and lock every single drawer on your box. It is also important to notify the operator of any faulty casters or drawers, or if the box is overloaded. Also be aware that, even with grip padding, your tools are going to shift around during transit!


Hook Fee: $100 - $200

+ Side Carts: $25 - $75 

+ Mileage: (Location dependent)



Locking Your Box

It is extremely important to not have any drawers open during transit. Toolboxes are incredibly top heavy when loaded, and even one single open drawer can cause tilting. We are NOT responsible for damages due to unlocked drawers!

If you are unable to lock the box, our operator can secure them with soft cargo strapping.


Casters & Weight

When purchasing your box, you are provided with an optimal weight capacity rating. Overloaded boxes can be damaged when secured over the top if the caster wheels or bottom framing are already over capacity and cannot support the additional load. 

Please notify the operator and remove heavier items if your box is at its limit!



Side Carts

Open side carts are much bouncier than their heavier counterparts. Please remove or secure any loose tools on your cart before the driver arrives.


Customized Boxes

Operators will use softer straps and microfiber cloths to cover sensitive areas subject to pressure, but cargo strapping over the top is always required.

If you have a custom painted or dipped box, we recommend providing shipping blankets or a similar product to reduce rubbing.



Weather Conditions

Because toolboxes and side-carts are top heavy and sit on small casters, it is not safe to tow them during inclement weather.

Rainstorms, snowstorms, icy conditions, or periods of high wind are not optimal times to transport these items.

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