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Our new fleet addition "Self-Loader" Wheel-Lift truck is parking garage capable! Any clearance over 7 feet is perfect for this truck!


Hook Fee: $150 - $250

+ Labor: $50 & Up (dollies / flat tire / wheels cranked / etc)

+ Mileage: (Location dependent)

** Clearance at your vehicle must be 7 ft or Higher!



Wheel-Lift Style Truck

We specialize in flatbed towing, but our new addition may make your life easier if you are in a tight spot or parking garage!

Wheel Lift trucks definitely have their upsides and downsides. They are not capable of hauling incredibly low profile or heavy / oversize vehicles.


Staggered Clearances

Keep in mind that most parking garages are NOT the entrance height all the way through if they accept deliveries. Often, the entrance height is much taller for delivery trucks, but soon gets much shorter past that point. We need the clearance closest to you!




Unfortunately, without additional labor, wheel-lift trucks are limited to bumper clearance based on the forks (grabber arms). 

Unlike flatbeds that can use different techniques and ramping, towing anything with a bumper clearance under 6 inches will incur additional charges.



Your dispatcher needs to know whether your vehicle is 2WD/AWD/4WD, if it has an air or hydraulic suspension, and if it has an electronic parking brake to determine whether we need to add labor or dolly charges.

Newer models often come in multiple different variations, so we will ask unless we know for sure. We can also pull this information from your Plate or VIN!



Flat Tires

Because the forks close at a 90 degree angle, it's important to notify dispatch if you have a flat tire.

When the tire is flat, dollies may need to be used, and the wheel also sits lower on the grid. This could rub underneath if we do not have a heads up to bring the right equipment!

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