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Whether you need to offload a vehicle or equipment, we've got you covered!


Hook Fee: $100 - $250 (hourly rates available)

+ Labor: $50 & Up (winching / wait time / etc.)

+ Mileage: (enroute and deadhead from offload dependent on location)

** Always try to let the dispatcher know the style of your truck or trailer



Vehicle Offloading

We understand that loading and unloading can go very differently, especially across the country!

Whether you are missing equipment, or something isn't working, we will get the vehicle safely out of your rig and onto the ground.


Car Carriers

Depending on your setup, we can load or unload vehicles from your trailer.

The upper deck is not reachable, but we can still increase the flatbed reach with our wheel-lifts. Anything around reefer trailer height is doable!



Pallet Cargo

We usually can't move pallets (depends on content), but sometimes you've got a forklift and no dock.

Our flatbeds can get your forklift inside, let it load the pallet, and drop it back right where you need it!


Sensitive Equipment

Over the years, we have worked with a multitude of logistics companies that deliver high-dollar medical and specialty equipment. 

Sometimes the offload site is not optimal, and that's where we come in! We handle every piece of equipment gently and safely.



Falling Vehicles

When it comes to car haulers, accidents happen.

We've saved many vehicles that have become stuck or begin falling off the side.

One wrong move could turn damages into a total, but our experienced team will come to the rescue and do it right the first time!

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